Festive Storytelling

Nothing says ‘Christmas' quite as well as a school Nativity play, and this year's Kindergarten and Prep School plays provided subtle twists in the presentation of the festive story.

This year's Kindergarten play was entitled ‘A Little Nativity'.  As the short play starts it is Christmas Eve and all the children want to stay up.  They ask Mum and Dad for a story and a simple telling of the nativity follows, through songs and actions.  The cast had a wonderful time rehearsing and performing in the play, particularly as half of them were dressed in pyjamas!












Preps 1 and 2, meanwhile, performed a piece called ‘Children of the World'.  In the play, Gabriel and his angels celebrate the birth of Jesus by bringing children from all around the world to the manger. Travelling from as far afield as China, Malawi, Poland and Australia, each group is finally brought to the stable where they tell of their differing Christmas customs through singing songs and presenting gifts.












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