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chester LDS - 28th September

Runcorn Autumn Head - 4th October

Agecroft Head - 18th October

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PSG AGM - Tuesday 23rd Sept
Rowing Ball - Saturday 8th Nov

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The School started rowing back in 1985 with just a handful of pupils. We had only two boats and were based at Northwich Rowing Club. Today, the club involves nearly one hundred pupils and coaches; it has thirty-three boats and has built its own boathouse on a beautiful five kilometre stretch of The River Weaver in Acton Bridge.

Rowing starts in Year 6 at the prep school where youngsters learn to row and compete on indoor rowing machines, this continues in Year 7 at the senior school and in Year 8 we start a selection process for pupils who wish to take up the sport on water. When pupils reach the Sixth Form, they all have the opportunity to take a coaching award and are then encouraged to help develop our new starters. The Rowing Club competes in head and regatta races both locally and nationally, not only against other schools, but also other ‘open’ rowing clubs.

The dedication and commitment of all our athletes, coxes and coaches (and the support of parents) in this demanding sport has resulted in an impressive medal haul over recent seasons and the club is keen to build on this success. The club enjoys a healthy ‘social side’ and, thanks to a very active and supportive Parents' Support Group, we have a number of well attended functions with the annual presentation awards being, in particular, a night not to miss.

We are a very active ‘racing’ club which works with all its athletes to ensure that they fulfil their potential both on and off the water.

Graham Jump
Head of Rowing