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All the World’s a School

They say that travel broadens the mind and expands our horizons, each culture providing its own lessons and experiences. International Week at the Junior School taps in to this spirit of adventure and exploration as the school is transformed into a mini world just asking to be discovered.

This year’s International Week saw the children come to school in their own clothes, school bags replaced with wheelie suitcases, in readiness for their departure to foreign lands.  The hub of the “world” was the sports hall which had been turned into an airport from which the pupils would travel to far flung destinations. Instead of the usual registration the children used their specially issued passports to check-in at several desks manned by teachers who were dressed as airport staff, whilst Mr Bennett donned a pilot’s uniform and cap.  A lucky few were “upgraded” to 1st class and ushered straight to the departure lounge, otherwise known as Mr Bennett’s office, where they were given the VIP treatment.

Jetting off from the “airport” the children began a whistle stop tour to the country-themed classrooms; they made pasta in Italy, football shirts in Brazil, got to grips with calligraphy in China, tussled with Jujitsu in Japan, and much more.  They even got to meet a real life pilot (not Mr Bennett!) who kindly came in to school to talk to the children about his life travelling the world.