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Explorers Day

Having studied the polar and desert regions of the world in Geography, this area of study was brought to life for Prep 2 pupils by a visit to The Junior School by experienced explorers.

The children participated in team-building challenges and were given a wealth of new knowledge about the conditions found in many of the most extreme places on earth.  Our visitors spoke with enthusiasm and first-hand knowledge about the challenges that face explorers today and those that pioneers had to face.

The pupils handled equipment and viewed footage of how it is used in extreme environments. Animal adaptation was discussed and at the end of the day the children had to work as a group to present an exhibit of either an animal that they had brought back from their exploration or a new piece of equipment they had designed to help future explorers.

The pupils’ enthusiasm was evident throughout the day and perhaps, in the future, a member of the year group will indeed dare to become an explorer!

By Zoe Pidcock