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Junior House Cookery Competition

You could have heard a pin drop as “Ready, steady…bake” was announced and then a sudden flurry of activity as the students set to work! Each House was represented by three pupils, and the task was to make a ‘traybake’ of their choice, either chilled or baked.

The students made a variety of traybakes from Brownies and Rocky Roads to Drizzle Cakes and Shortbread.  A variety of skills were needed for the task including melting chocolate, whisking and folding.

The competition was judged (without House bias!) by Miss Dickens, Mrs Eaton and Andrew, one of our antipodean gap year students.  They were very impressed by the skill demonstrated by the pupils.  Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would have been proud! Many staff came to offer their support and encouragement which was really appreciated by those who took part.

Matthew Newton, representing Bollin House secured first place with his Millionnaire Shortbreads.  Jodie Sale, also Bollin, in joint second place with her Tiffin Squares meant that Bollin sailed ahead into first place.  Ella McGrath, from Weaver House, achieved joint second place with her Coffee & Walnut Cake but it wasn’t enough to put Weaver in overall second place.  Gowy just slipped ahead, with Dane and Weaver coming in in joint third. Another very exciting competition, well done to all who took part!