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Moving Trip to the Battlefields of Normandy

Based at the magnificent Chateau de Chantereine in Criel-sur-mer, near Dieppe in Normandy, a large group of children in Preps 5 and 6 got a taste of French culture and a chance for reflection on what was both a moving and fun trip.

We stopped off at Nausicaa sea-life centre in Boulogne, where we spent a very fishy afternoon, before completing the final leg of our journey to the Chateau  in Criel-sur-mer.  After getting settled in and sharing an evening meal we rounded off our first evening in France with an energetic mini Olympics.

The next day, Saturday, we had a guided walking tour of Rouen, the historic capital of Normandy. The magnificent Cathedral, Notre Dame, did not fail to impress its visitors, then later the site of Joan of Arc's memorial to her execution. We were all macabrely fascinated with the gruesome details about the city's ossuary!

Sunday was the most poignant time for all. To begin with we stopped off at the Somme Trench Museum in Albert, situated in a maze of tunnels beneath the town, re-creating life in the trenches. After this insight, we visited the Cemetery for the 9th Devonshire Regiment, and sombrely reflected on the rows of neat gravestones.

Later on, back at the Chateau, we ate fog's legs and snails, before rounding the day off with a disco.  You should see Mr Land move!

Mrs Anne Basnett