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New Sixth Form Centre Becoming a Reality

Many of you will now see the new 6th Form Centre starting to take real shape on Bradburns Lane. This purpose built centre will be able to accommodate over 200 Sixth Form students providing a café and common room, quiet work rooms, classrooms and seminar rooms, and a dedicated careers area.

The idea for a separate 6th Form Centre dates back to 1999, when a long term development plan for The Grange School was set out.  Richard Eves Architects, lead by senior partner Peter Eves has been working with the school since then.

In 2012 the school updated its plans and the detail of what The Grange 6th Form would require for the coming years was developed over several months.  The aim was to create a dedicated space for 6th Form Students to give them a sense of independence while being an integral part of the school.

The design has maximised the space on a very constrained site but has managed to incorporate facilities that can be adapted for the future as required.  The design of the building also took into account the proximity to Beechfield Gardens and Bradburns Lane residents and has sweeping lines and tiered roofs to make an attractive and modern building to look at.  The finalised design for the new 6th Form Centre gained planning permission in December 2012.

Whitfield and Brown have been appointed as the principal contractor and building started with the demolition of the old Stables Block in July 2013.  Progress has been swift; the main roof has been completed with much of the outer brick and block work, defining the shape of the building.  Internally the main spaces have been built and the first fittings for the electrical and mechanical services for the building are being installed.

Now that there is something to see, the first of many tours for students, staff and Governors are taking place as the reality of many years hard work is coming to fruition. Colours, furnishings, and a new 6th Form theme are all in train ready to be applied to the building which is due for completion in May 2014.  It will then be fitted out ready for first official use in August 2014 at the start of the Autumn Term.

Simon Dorset
Operations Director

Please follow this link for more information on the new Sixth form Centre: The future is taking shape