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Outstanding Performances at Bowden Festival

On the first Saturday of February, Mrs Abi Barnett, specialist woodwind teacher at The Grange, took a number of our most promising young woodwind players from the Senior and Junior Schools to Bowden Youth Festival.

Our students played beautifully and came away with some outstanding places.  Jasper Ure, who is in Prep 6, won first prize in the Grades 1-2 class; whilst Ariane Crosby, also in Prep 6, won third place in the grades 3-4 class.

In the grades 5-6 class, second year Senior School student, Latchen Kinghorn-Perry won first prize on saxophone, whilst third year student James Coates won second.

In the grades 7-8 class, Latchen won second place on clarinet, and in the duet class, Latchen and Rachel Howard, of 4AJL, won first prize!