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Project Gambia trip 2014

After an incredible year of fundraising, culminating in the ‘Row to The Gambia’ event, the 2014 Gambia Team were bristling with anticipation for the trip itself.

Guided by our eyes and ears in The Gambia, Alagi Bojang, and after a thorough handover from previous ‘Project Gambia Chiefs’ Paul and Vanessa Buckley, the team was ready for action.

We spent a day acclimatising to the heat and getting to know the Gambian culture including a visit Katchikally Crocodile Pool where we had our photos taken next to sleeping crocs. We also visited a batik factory and had our ‘gambi-pants’ made to measure. We spent another day travelling into more rural Gambia where we distributed all of the items kindly donated by members of the Grange community to some of the county’s poorest people.

Of course the primary reason for our visit was to continue the Buckley’s work with the schools in the town of Brikama. At the Darul Akram School and were given a magnificent welcome from our Gambian friends before commencing our work.  We built and painted blackboards, installed new seating and desks into the classrooms and created a giant mural on the side wall with the motto “from little seeds, big trees grow”. The team worked incredibly well together and were a real credit to the School. We look forward to continuing Project Gambia for many years to come!

“I have to praise Alagi for everything he’s done for his community. Without him things would be very different. He really is a shining example of what one man can do to make the world a better place. I will always think of him as a hero of mine,” said Grange Sixth Former, Tom Ure.

Emily Spencer, also a Sixth Former at The Grange, commented: “What I think I will remember most is the way everyone we met welcomed us into their lives with open arms and kindness.  It has been a life-changing week and I can only hope that it wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”