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Grange Get Top Marks

The wonderful new surroundings of the Grange Sixth Form Centre provided a fitting venue for the school to celebrate the success of its GCSE pupils, who have followed up record-breaking A Level and AS Level results with yet another excellent performance. For the third consecutive year, well over half (52%) of all GCSE entries have been awarded A* grades, while 83% were awarded either A or A*, and 97% got no less than a B. All 18 candidates for GCSE Further Maths scored top grades while 12 of them were awarded the rare A* with distinction.

48 of the 105 students achieved nothing less than an A grade, with 9 scoring A* in all their exams. Among them, with 10 A* grades, was Great Britain Open Water swimming star Ashley Hogg, who achieved this feat despite a punishing training schedule that saw him up at 4 a.m. on weekdays throughout his exams. Having competed in the European Championships in the summer he is about to head out to the World Championships in Hungary next month.

The Headmaster said ‘Ashley’s achievements in both water and exam hall are truly exceptional, and we congratulate him on his recent success in both arenas. In many ways, however, he exemplifies the approach of so many of our most successful students, who believe that working hard and playing hard is the key to both personal and academic success, instead of a narrow concentration on their studies. It’s something that we strongly encourage at The Grange and we have seen the fruits of it at all levels this summer. We are proud of all of those who have achieved them!

We are delighted with our wonderful new building, which proved a fitting venue in which to celebrate the success of such a hardworking, committed and likeable group of young people’