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The Joe Craig Show comes to The Grange

Year 1 Senior School pupils were thoroughly entertained and inspired by the award-winning author of the Jimmy Coates series, Joe Craig, during a visit to the school that took place just before the October half-term break.

The entire year group squeezed into the school library for what turned out to be an extremely interactive event.  Joe had the audience entranced, and quite often in stiches, with his blend of creative writing tips and showmanship.  Not only did he explain how ideas for stories are created and developed, but he also showed this process in action as he made up exciting, not to mention hilarious, stories on the fly based on the very creative suggestions from the audience.

“It was really good fun and very entertaining.  He gave us a lot of helpful advice about writing stories and he was very funny too,” said Sophie Jones of 1JEM.

“I thought I might be bored but it was really good fun.  I liked it when he made up the story about the evil hamster!” added Tessa Law-Lyons of 1RKR.