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A Leap of Faith at Bewerley Park

Life at The Grange Senior School is an adventure in itself with many challenges to overcome and opportunities to grasp.

But the bigger adventure begins with a smaller one as the entire 1st Year group travels to Bewerley Park in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North Yorkshire.

The weekend visit, at the start of the Autumn Term, provides an important opportunity for the new year group to bond with one another, build confidence and forge friendships.

Activities include gorge walking, scrambling, various team building exercises, squeezing through the “cheese press”, the “night walk” with its tales of ghostly happenings, and the notorious “leap of faith”.

“I particularly enjoyed the ‘leap of faith’.  You climb up a high pole, stand on a tiny pedestal at the top, and then you have to dive through the air and reach for a trapeze.  It’s really scary but good fun too!” said Mia Gifford from 1RKR.