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Museum Provides Catalyst for Learning

The entire First Year enjoyed an exciting day of Maths activities at the Catalyst Chemical Museum just before the October half-term break.

In the Maths Puzzle Room students had the opportunity to try some fiendish hands-on problems, including the now infamous Ball Pit Pyramids and trying to beat Mr Lambert at strategy games.

Whilst walking (at a sensible speed) around the museum exhibits there was a Maths Trail booklet to complete, with questions on everything from the number of steps up to the observatory to the rotational symmetry of the exhibits in "Scientrific".

The highlight of the day for many (apart from the gift shop, of course) was the
building of a giant tetrahedron from sticks and rubber bands. The students produced small units in groups, then joined these together to make an enormous version which filled the room and even dislodged a ceiling tile!