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Senior House Cookery: Gourmet on a Shoestring

The Senior House Cookery Competition took on an international flavour with dishes ranging from Five Spice Roast Duck with Sesame Noodles to Scandinavian Apple Cake.

Each House was represented by three students, a budget of £5 was set and imaginations were fired. Students were asked to create a main meal and a dessert suitable for two people within budget.

Lillie Prior achieved the highest individual score. This was due to the range of skills shown, the combination of flavours and the precise cooking methods shown when producing her Five Spice Duck with Sesame Noodles with a dessert of Almond Pear and Amaretto Tart. Sophie Milne was a very close second with her Chicken Noodle Soup & Sushi, followed by Chocolate Tart.

Only three points separated first and second place, yet a strong team effort from Lillie Prior, Sophie Milne and Nicholas Backhouse was enough to snatch victory for Bollin ahead of Gowy.

Ann Stewart and Jenny Breton