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Oxbridge Dreams Come True

Five of our Sixth Form students recently became the proud recipients of offers to continue their studies at Oxford or Cambridge University.

The offers to study at the hallowed institutions represent the culmination of an arduous process involving extensive preparation, rigorous testing and demanding interviews… not to mention academic excellence and enthusiastic participation in a wide range of enrichment activities throughout their time at The Grange.

Three of the students hold Cambridge offers, namely Thomas Roe to read Veterinary Medicine at Emmanuel College, and Laragh Harvey-Kelly and Smriti Ramakrishnan to read Medicine at Christ's and Murray Edwards College respectively.

Two hold Oxford offers: Charlie Davies to read Geography at Jesus College and Natasha Daly to read Philosophy and Psychology at Worcester.

“The teachers' commitment to their subject has allowed me to stretch myself in my studies as they'll always be encouraging of students who want to challenge themselves beyond the scope of the A Level course. This alone stood me in good stead in applying to a university that requires a genuine interest and passion in your subject.

“I was guided through the application process by a dedicated member of staff, with regular meetings, which highlights the support and interest shown by the school in going for such a competitive university course.  I am elated that the effort made is now reflected in an offer and I really value the support I received,” said Laragh Harvey-Kelly, who received an offer to read Medicine at Cambridge.