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Life in the United Nations

A group of our A-level students joined over 3000 students from around the globe to take part in the International Model United Nations conference at The Hague recently.

Our students joined forces with those from Cheadle Hulme and Alderley Edge School for Girls to form a delegation representing the interests of Tajikistan in the conference which closely re-creates the workings of the real United Nations.

There were plenty of issues to be involved in - Tajikistan is a big player in the field of enriched plutonium - and the delegates submitted resolutions in every committee. Students had to write these resolutions pre conference, lobby them and then debate them in the committee stage.

There was also time for the students to visit the war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the ICTY building opposite the conference centre, where Radko Mladic was being charged with alleged genocide.

Luisa Webster and Isaac Hutt shone in their committees, whilst Emma Booth and Becky Waterworth were outstanding in the Press delegation, where they worked as part of a 30 strong team producing a newspaper every day focussing on the conference and world issues.