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Ottilie Bardsley European Equestrian Success

Year IV Senior School student, Ottilie Bardsley, covered herself in glory during a European eventing competition in Compiegne, France recently.

On Friday, the first day of competition, temperatures soared to 33 degrees, meaning Ottie’s horse, Ciske, struggled to keep her energy levels up.  However, they still managed to come out with 69.6% putting them in 9th place out of 39 competitors from all over Europe.

On Saturday the weather was much better meaning Ciske was much happier.  Ottie and Ciske managed an overall score of 69.3% which qualified them for the Kur the following day.

Things got even better on the final day.  They came out with a final mark of 71.8% getting 73% from one of the judges!  This put Ottie and Ciske in 7th place and they were able to ride in the prize giving lap of honour.

“I'm so proud of Ciske.  This was our first International together and I have only been riding him for 8 weeks so it was a great result!” said Ottie.