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Kindness and Consideration

Kindness is one of the great strengths of our school community. Yet being kind, like anything the children learn, is something that we can always practise and improve upon. So, we are encouraging the children to think about ways in which they can show kindness to those around them through small, but important, acts of thoughtfulness and consideration. Whether it is helping at home without being asked, paying a sincere compliment, involving another child who might be playing alone or simply giving a welcoming smile, we hope that the children will find many ways to practise kindness and see the positive difference it makes to everyone.

With others in mind, we will be holding a full Remembrance Service with children in Prep 1 to Prep 6 to remember those who have been affected in the two World Wars as well as more recent conflicts. As part of our commemorative activities, we are fortunate enough to be hosting a veteran of World War Two, Mrs Barbara Weatherill, who saw active service as an Anti-Aircraft Gunner with the Royal Artillery and whose parents both served in World War One. Having met some of our children on a Battlefields trip to France in June 2014, Mrs Weatherill will be sharing her personal experiences of the conflict with all the children.

Mr Guy Rands
6th November 2014