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Inspirational Gambian Educators

We were delighted to host Mr Alagi Bojang and Mr Wuyeh Njie, two inspirational educators from The Gambia who are central to our commitment to supporting education in that country.

Alagi Bojang has allowed and enabled The Grange and our students to play a role in his life’s work: seeing to it that as many of his compatriots in and around the Gambian town of Brikama are provided with an education and, with it, a chance in life.  By enabling us to work with him he has allowed generations of our students to touch thousands of lives in a way that, in many cases, will have enabled them to pursue careers and lives that they otherwise may not have been able to.

As a young boy Alagi rose very early every morning to work on the fishing boats in his home village in order to earn the money to send himself to school later in the day.  What we take for granted, he has committed his life to providing.

It was for these remarkable gifts that Alagi was presented with the Day Cup during our Prizegiving ceremony at the Bridgewater Hall.

Alagi brought with him another truly inspirational educator in the form of Mr Njie, the Headmaster of the Darul Arkam School.  Like Alagi, Mr Njie is utterly dedicated to providing an education for as many children as possible, so much so that he pays his teachers before he pays himself, and holds down a part-time teaching job at the same time in another school to provide for his own family.

However much our school and students do to support education in The Gambia through fundraising and the hard work of successive generations of students who have travelled to the African country to help to build and furnish classrooms and school facilities, there is no doubt that this investment is repaid many times over through the opportunity to make a positive contribution and the sheer inspiration of figures such as Alagi and Mr Njie.

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