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Celebrating 30 Years of Rowing

Headmaster, Mr Chris Jeffery, was left speechless during the recent Rowing ball as a boat was named in his honour.

The crafty rowers managed to keep the naming of the boat a secret until the last moment when Mr Jump concluded his speech with the big reveal.  Mr Jeffery received a standing ovation from over 200 rowers, friends and family who attended this year’s ball held at the beautiful Cranage Hall.

This year’s event was also notable as it marks 30 years of rowing at The Grange. Over those three decades rowing at The Grange has become a vital part of school life, whilst the club itself is now known and respected internationally.

Awards were presented for various achievements and wonderful speeches were given by Edwina Williams, Katherine Owen and Mark Briegal, who spoke about the expansion of the rowing club over the past 30 years.