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U12 Netballers are Champions of the North

The Grange U12 netball team have become Northern Champions and made it through to the semi-final of the national School Sport Magazine Cup after a startling victory over The Grammar School at Leeds.

The School Sport Magazine Cup is a national competition entered by the strongest netball schools in the country, so to reach the semi-final is a truly remarkable achievement.  The Grange team will now go on to play the midland champions – either Berkhamsted or Solihull School.  Should The Grange make it through to the final they will play the winners of the South West versus the South East.

The game against The Grammar School at Leeds was a close contest but the Grange made fewer errors and displayed excellent timing and tactics. Our backlines and centre passes were well drilled and effectively executed. It was 4-2 at quarter time showing how well both teams defended.

Jessica Brocklebank showed excellent strength against a very strong Goal Defence and Katie Wakefield and Jessica both had excellent shooting percentages. Sophie Sellers showed great movement on and off the circle. The Grange took a three point lead into half-time.

With one quarter to go we still had a narrow lead but the game was not yet won and it was a tense 15 minutes. Saskia Dry stayed switched on in the defensive circle and Mia Brown and Emily Hills made it impossible for the Leeds attack to get free. Along with Millie Peck, who was all over the court, they moved the ball down the court brilliantly eventually winning 14 – 9.

“These girls really have something special; they have supportive parents and have played together for Northwich Sapphires for a number of years. They have had extra training sessions in school and have been very committed – the whole squad have done brilliantly to get this far in the competition,” said Miss Jessie Fowler, Head of Netball at the school.