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English Indoor Rowing Championship

There was a great atmosphere in Manchester Velodrome for the recent English Indoor Rowing Championship which included 68 Grange pupils from Year I through to Upper VIth with each and every one of them giving their all for the school.

We were fortunate to win three gold medals, three silver medals and one bronze medal, plus a raft of top ten results.

Gold medallists were Mia Brown (WJ12), Bradley Strickland-Baker (MJ14), and the MJ14 team of Jack McGinn, Bradley Strickland-Baker, Seb Paisley & Harry Barker.  Silver medals were won by Ellie Cushen (WJ15) and Jack McGinn (MJ14) and the senior mixed team of Ilona Webb, Matt Strickland-Baker, Mattie Roberts & Poppy Howe. The senior boys’ team, consisting of Sam Hawes, Paul Mainwaring, Nat Antrobus and James Norman came away with the bronze.

“The Indoor Championships was an incredibly successful starting point for the Grange this season and is surely only a warm up for the incredible things that the club can achieve,” Rowing Coach said Stephanie Poland.