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Theatre Master Class

In a thrilling, roller-coaster of an hour, GCSE and A Level Drama students were invited to join Odysseus and his trusty crew of two in his epic journey from the Trojan War back to his homeland, using a washing line, a spoon, and an inflatable pool-ring.

Visiting Theatre Company, Splendid, managed to tell the story with a cast of just three women and imposed a clever twist on this age-old tale of both the trials and tribulations of men.

As usual, Splendid delighted the audience by including us in the action taking place on stage. As an audience we were treated to A Level student Chloe Pickering’s wise post-storm words, ”Well done for surviving!” and the visual joy that was AS student Hayden Cawley wearing a shower-cap, a water-proof poncho and goggles as he attempted a rather wet obstacle course.

Every person in the audience played a part in the formidable storm that provided the many obstacles and adventures for Odysseus and his men to overcome. Whether acting as an oarsman, the sound of the storm or the intense waves, we were all brought into the mythical world of hungry monsters, devious sorceresses and frequent shipwrecks.

Those of us who were lucky enough, joined Splendid after the show in an intense workshop that challenged both our physical and mental acting abilities, as Splendid forced us out of our comfort zones and challenged our boundaries we developed our understanding of “the truth” and the deep characterisation that goes behind performing.

A Level student Marcus Burling describes the experience as “informative, educational and exciting!”

I am certain that we have all taken something away from our electrifying experience through Splendid’s unique use of staging, confident characterization and the rare glimpse into an intense Splendid rehearsal technique. It was impossible to leave the theatre not feeling exhilarated by the experience and we cannot wait for what Splendid have in store next year!

 Natasha Shanley – Drama Captain