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The Workings of Parliament

On a cold, wet and windy Monday morning Lower Sixth Politics students gained a taste for the daily commute to London in order to experience the workings of Parliament.

After arriving at Euston station and catching the tube to Westminster we entered the seat of government, received a fascinating tour and discovered that there is much more to the Houses of Parliament than we previously realised.

We were fortunate enough to receive two Q and A sessions, one with a former Grange student, on working as civil servants and researchers for MPs. This provided a valuable insight into some interesting careers but also into working in a city like London.

Later on in the day we were given the opportunity to sit in and observe sessions of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, giving the students a feel for how our country is run and the democratic processes it involves. The important role that both chambers play in our own lives was underlined after watching a debate concerning A-levels in the House of Lords.

James Hodgson - Lower Sixth student