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A Taste of Adventure

As part of the school's emphasis on outdoor education, children in Prep 2 were given a taste for adventure on the recent Explorer Day.

Three outdoor education specialists, Matt, Bridget and Andy, visited the Junior School in order to lead the day.  They taught the children about exploring and what being an explorer means.  Each of the visitors had their own specialism such as hiking, mountaineering and canoeing.

Each class then went on to do an activity with one of the leaders.  Inside, with Matt, the children helped decide what to pack for an explorer expedition and ended up with a bag as big as the children!  With Andy, outside, they looked at tents and survival equipment and helped put some tents up as well as testing out the big survival sleeping bag.  Finally, with Bridget, they did a treasure hunt and used a compass and map directions to find the hidden treasure chest.

At the end of the day everyone gathered back in the hall where our visitors showed some pictures of famous explorers and the places they like to explore, as well as a variety of different plants and animals. They finished by showing some gruesome pictures of the various stages of frostbite which received mixed reactions!

“The ground was a little bit wet and soggy but we put up three tents. Then we went and talked to Matt all about what you should wear when you are in the Arctic and the Antarctic. We had lots of fun. With Bridget we did a treasure hunt. Then we talked about frostbite. Stage 5 frostbite means they have to chop bits off!” said Harry Kimpton- Smith of Prep 2C.