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World Book Day 2016

World Book Day was celebrated in the Junior and Senior Schools with a number of reading related activities creating a tangible book buzz.

In the Junior School it was lovely to see the Prep 6 children reading to their Prep 2 counterparts and equally lovely to see a number of our parents coming in to school to read their favourite books to the pupils. The children also enthusiastically participated in a ‘book exchange’ in which they swapped books with each other.  At various times during the day each year group dropped everything and read.  Our annual book fair ran all week and was once again supported very well by both children and their parents.  An amazing £3,271 worth of books was sold.

Meanwhile, in the Senior School, the day was preceded by some furious paper chain making as students each wrote the title of their favourite book on a link of the chain.  The colourful paper chain, probably 50 metres long, was then put up in the library where it wound its way around the books and the pillars like a ginormous decorative snake.  A number of other activities, including a character hunt, a writing competition and various quizzes, got everyone talking excitedly about books.