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Mock EU Referendum

In the run up to the UK’s referendum on EU membership on June 23rd, it seemed appropriate for us to gauge the opinion of the school community and to run an exercise in political engagement.

A team of able and willing Sixth Form students worked really hard and battled their nerves to present a very clear and informative summary of some of the main arguments for and against continued membership of the EU during an assembly on May 2nd. This was followed by all forms being guided through a similar presentation and given a chance to vote during a mentor period on May 5th.

Despite the complexity of the issues presented, many of the staff commented on how well the student body engaged with the issues and overall I think we have done ourselves proud in addressing the main arguments and trying to sift the fact from the fiction.

The results of our mock referendum were circulated to all forms following the count of votes but the overall headline was:

Remain: 73%. Leave: 27%

So, a pretty convincing outcome for the Remain lobby but an interesting display of opinion from the Leave camp.

I hope all students involved in this exercise took something positive away from it and that they will go on to engage with similar discussions at home to add their weight to such an important topic. Let’s see if the outcome on June 23rd mirrors or rejects our school opinion.

Many thanks to colleagues and students for their participation in this valuable exercise in democracy!

Mrs Ahern.