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Headmaster’s Award Presentation Evening

In May, the annual Headmaster’s Award Presentation Evening took place in The Grange Theatre.

The Headmaster’s Award programme gives Second and Third Year pupils a chance to explore in detail an area of special personal interest.

Pupils are invited to apply to take part, and this year nine pupils successfully completed the process. With the help and guidance of a staff and sixth form mentor, the pupils are encouraged to use their own research to produce either a written project, physical artefact, or piece of creative work. The pupils present the resulting work to an audience of staff, family and friends, who are then invited to ask questions about their findings and the process itself.

This year we were once again treated to presentations on a thoroughly eclectic range of themes. The evening began, appropriately enough, with Natalie Geary’s enquiry into how we can make the best use of our brains. There were thought-provoking presentations on societal issues such as organ donation (Ella Stacey) and prejudicial attitudes (Sean May). Sophie Akka considered the psychology and importance of heroism, and Poppy-Valerie Walker showed us a personal artistic exploration of what it is to be human. There were projects on historical subjects: Michael Hennessey brought alive the impact of the battle of the Somme on his own family; and Scott Watson gave a critical analysis of European colonial behaviour in the Americas. We were treated to a fascinating survey of the development of tap-dancing by Abigail Knox, and were shown how the latest 3-D printing techniques have enabled Ben Whittaker to ‘print’ his own guitar!

It was evident that the pupils have greatly benefitted from the whole Headmaster’s Award process, and Mr Madden and Mr Lumley would like to thank the team of staff and sixth-form mentors for all their work, encouragement and support.