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101 Uses for your Ostrich

Fifty of our Year III Art students have had their work published after contributing illustrations to the tongue-in-cheek book ‘101 Uses for your Ostrich’.

The brilliantly imaginative illustrations do indeed show a menagerie of different uses for the eponymous ostrich. Funds raised will contribute to the Addington Fund, which works hard to alleviate stress in the farming community.

“Ostriches are truly curious creatures”, I pondered, one rainy day. With their comical, almost prehistoric appearance and renowned head in the sand trademark they do cut an unmistakeable figure in the animal kingdom,” says Barrie Hardern, the book’s creator and grandfather of Year V student Maddie Hardern, in his introduction to the book.

The book, which received backing from the Duke of Westminster, was produced under the guidance of British illustrator Tony Ross, best known for illustrating the Horrid Henry series, who also contributed the cover illustration for the book.

The book is available to buy from: