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We have been emphasising to the children the importance of admiring the differences that exist between them. Whilst we share common values and belong to one identifiable community, we are keen to encourage the children to recognise, respect and value the differences that exist within the school. One of the great strengths of The Grange is that it promotes individuals to excel in whatever their unique combination of skills, interests and abilities may be. Children want to be proud of whom they are and consequently, it is imperative to ensure that they are able to flourish without unfair criticism from their peers.

At a young age, empathy with the differences that they see in each other can be difficult to achieve. By using stories and real examples, we hope to cultivate a sense that we can learn and be challenged by those who are different to us. Fortunately, history is littered with many examples of individuals who have excelled because they were different; to quote Albert Einstein, “The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd – the one who walks alone is likely to find him or herself in places no-one has ever been before.”

I would also add that it has been a real delight, every Monday during my assembly, to applaud the variety of achievements that our young people gain both inside and outside of school. Celebrating the assortment of individual and collective successes means a great deal to the children on an individual level and propagates a culture in which excellence in all aspects of life can be celebrated.

Mr Guy Rands
15th January 2015