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Bewerley Park – “I wish I could do it all again”

It’s fair to say that everyone in Year I really enjoyed going to Bewerley Park at the start of term. Over the weekend we indulged in activities from the high ropes to gorge walking, and we got the most out of the amazing opportunities we were offered.

My classmates and I were really excited about the night-walk and the much-anticipated ‘Leap of Faith’ in particular. The night walk involved visiting the ‘haunted’ ice house, ‘False Tooth Bridge’ and a river inhabited by the rumoured ghosts of separated lovers. The Leap of Faith saw us climbing up a 40 foot pole and leaping for a trapeze bar; although this may sound scary it was really good fun!

“The best bit was getting to know my friends more than I did before; the whole experience was amazing and I wish I could do it all again,” said Beth Hall from 1ACD.

Annabel Clancy - 1BKM