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Rewarding role models

It is no surprise to anyone who has worked with young children or who is a parent, that there is an abundance of evidence from studies of social learning that demonstrates that much of the learning that occurs during a child’s development is gained through observation and imitation. This is particularly applied to the adults involved in a child’s life and the concept of a ‘role model’ – explained to the children as ‘someone from whom we can learn’ – is something we have been exploring with the children.

Whilst we have identified that family, particularly parents, are the biggest influence on our lives we have been thinking about other, perhaps less obvious, role models. We have considered the lessons we can learn from the men and women who served during The Battle of Britain as part of our Remembrance commemorations; thought about the influence of authors, poets and writers through their true and fictitious stories; reflected on the lives and impact of spiritual leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi; and only yesterday, we hosted a production company that used drama to show the children the importance of speaking out against bullying and leading the way – as role models to one another – on treating each other with respect.

Mr Guy Rands
7th November 2015