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Enrichment for life

One of the great strengths of The Grange is that it promotes individuals to excel in whatever their unique combination of skills, interests and abilities may be. One of the ways that we can enable this as a school is to offer a broad range of enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom, with the hope that every child will find something that really engages them and ignites an interest that might not have otherwise been discovered.

At present we offer nearly 50 different clubs and activities at both lunchtimes and after school. With offerings for all ages, albeit mainly focused on the older children, these encompass a whole range of interests and tastes. We are always looking to expand and strengthen our enrichment provision since I believe that there is so much more that we can do in this regard over the coming years. Moreover, the School Council continue to provide me with innovative ideas for us to explore and trial, most recently expressing a wish for us to set up a story-writing club.

As we focus on the importance of differences and encourage the children to partake in our enrichment programme, if they haven’t done so already, I hope they find something new that captures their imagination and they engage with a hobby or pastime that could last a lifetime.

Mr Guy Rands
30th January 2015