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Life’s a stage

For anyone who has been able to attend our Christmas events, you will understand it when I say that it has been an absolute delight to watch our children stage three very different interpretations of the Christmas story. I never fail to be impressed by the children’s assured delivery of the dialogue, songs and dance routines as well as the wholehearted way in which they throw themselves into the rehearsals and practices, let alone the main performances.

Of course, the primary reason we stage these events is to enable the children to interpret the Christmas story in a way that is genuinely accessible to them. As a school with a Christian ethos, it is also why we have been highlighting the significance of the season of Advent with its four themes of hope, peace, joy and love, lighting an Advent candle together in our assemblies.

But these events also serve a second purpose that is perhaps less obvious.

Visitors to the school often comment positively on the confident nature of our young people and whilst the reasons for this are multi-faceted, I believe that one of the drivers is undoubtedly our commitment to the Performing Arts. Our children have regular opportunities to stand up on stage and speak, sing, act and dance, often in front of audiences of hundreds of people: through this they are developing a myriad of personal qualities and interpersonal skills. For example, the process of creating a stage performance requires the children to collaborate together and develop mutual understanding of one another’s skills whilst seeing the positive reaction from an audience brings home why hard work can achieve something very special.

Mr Guy Rands
16th December 2015