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Lancaster – “the perfect beginning…”

Returning back to school after the summer holiday is usually greeted with a mixture of despair and anticipation. However for the Lower Sixth, there was a buzz of excitement, as two coaches carted 100 students into the depths of Lancaster University for a bonding experience like no other.

The independence of having our own rooms gave us a sense of what it would be like staying in halls of residence, along with the Can Rob-esque singing in the flat kitchens every evening. We were given tasks to do with our form groups during the day, and then we were lucky enough to spend a few hours in the sports centre with the choice of a climbing wall, swimming pool, badminton, and the chance to see members of staff busting some moves in the Zumba class. Evening entertainment comprised of quizzes and pool, held in the Red Lion bar in the labyrinth of flats, and on the final morning we were given an insight into what university life was like.

Overall it was great to enjoy a school residential with a little more independence, and to be able to spend time with friends outside of the school environment, making it easier to make new friends and interact with different people. It was the perfect beginning to life in Sixth Form.

Maddie Hardern – LVI SCP