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You win when you do your best

Competition is a normal part of our daily lives at The Grange Junior School. Whether it is racing on Sports Day, performing at a drama festival, gaining house points towards the House Cup or playing a game of Chess at lunchtime, there are an array of opportunities for our young people to pitch their skills and abilities against one another.

Of course, children love to win and in any competition, there is always one deserved winner. However, there are far more children in any competitive situation who do not win; as such, part of our role at the The Grange is helping our young people to understand how to interpret that successfully. We encourage them to achieve this in three ways:

  1. Congratulate the winner: they deserve your praise and support
  2. Learn from the competition and your own experiences: grow and improve yourself
  3. Move on and move forward: the sun will still rise the next day regardless of whether you won or lost.

These messages are particularly pertinent as we finish our school year by awarding a variety of prizes and trophies for academic, enrichment and personal achievements. There is always the risk that those who do not receive something, feel as if they have ‘lost’. Of course, this is not true: whilst those who win prizes are deserving of them, we want our children to grasp that the best competition is against oneself to become better. Although our young people want to win, most importantly I want them to understand that they have always won when they have done their very best.

I have witnessed so much individual and collective success over my first year as Headmaster. Moreover, having read every child’s report, we are undoubtedly a school brimming with so many young people who are trying their very best to make exceptional personal progress and realise their own unique potential. I hope that they feel as proud of their successes as I know that we all do.

Mr Guy Rands