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Digital Leaders Keeping our Community Safe Online

Ten Senior School students in Years III and IV have become the school’s Digital Leaders. Five of the team recently participated in a Cheshire Police course to learn about e-safety issues and have recently begun to share their knowledge with the rest of our community.

“E-safety is an issue that affects us all, whatever year group we are in. Technology changes continually and it’s really important that we all keep up to date with how to stay safe online. We have worked together to create an action plan for the year of events and support systems to help raise awareness of e-safety at The Grange.

“Our first challenge was to teach a mentor period lesson to Year I students about cyberbullying and staying safe online. This was a really daunting task but we worked hard to plan our lessons and activities. The lessons went really well and we had lots of positive feedback from teachers and from the students we taught. We were nervous but it was great fun to do and we felt that a lot was learnt by our students and ourselves,” commented the Digital Leaders Team.

The Digital Leaders Team is co-ordinated by Mrs Dostálová and consists of: Ben Kelly (III HC), Cam Brougham (III HC), Molly White (IV VKL), Lottie Woodmansey (III ALJ), Naomi Hill (III APB), Tom Kendall (IV WDM), Rosie Allen (III SJH), Toby Kennedy (IV FEL), Sean May (IV WDM), and Tom Roberts (III HC).

The team recommends the following link for more information on this topic: