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A Whole Hearted Lecture for Life

Have you ever told yourself that you would only eat one biscuit but ended up eating the whole pack? This was the question posed by visiting speaker, Steve Andrews, who shared his experiences of gambling addiction with our sixth form students in the latest of the now well established Lectures for Life series.

Steve, from The McLellan Practice, told his personal story in a whole hearted and sensitive way, clearly emphasising that gambling is not an issue until you reach the point where you don’t have access to the “stop” button. Steve’s determination to talk about the issues, with the hope of saving others from having to go through similar experiences, was both courageous and inspirational.

“It was sad but intriguing to learn how gambling could lead to something so devastating. It was also terrifying because it made you question whether you are a person who can say no. If I ever needed advice on a situation where I was struggling to say no I would definitely not hesitate to email him.” said one Sixth Form student.