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JSCA: Innovative, Stimulating, Challenging and Rewarding

The Parents’ Guide to the Junior School Curriculum Award (JSCA) promised a programme of learning for our children in Prep 6 that was “innovative, stimulating, challenging and rewarding”. Now that the new course has been up and running for a term we can begin to analyse and assess the positive impact that this programme has had on the experience of our children.

Utilising the expertise of the Heads of Subject, who have spent the last eighteen months planning the delivery of their subject, and combining this with the existing excellent facilities, which are being further improved by the upgrade of the Prep 6 classrooms, it all provides a strong basis for the JSCA.

Further to this, we have embedded the use of mobile technology into the children’s learning, facilitated through the provision of individual iPads to each of the children to use as and when is necessary. Gold, silver and bronze grades are given for effort and achievement to spur our children on to fulfil their potential.

But what do the children think…?

“I love the idea of linking the subjects together in Past, Present and Future.”

“All the work is very challenging but I always have lots of fun doing it.”

“I like the outdoor education because of the team-building.”

“The grades help you push to get gold.”