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Mental Health Awareness Week

Much like the waves of the ocean, life constantly throws obstacles at us. No matter how many we overcome, another will take its place and in many ways, overcoming the obstacles helps us to grow, develop and believe in ourselves.

The focus of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which took place from the 5th to the 9th December, was the idea that we all face challenges and that there is real value in talking openly about how we develop the capacity to ride the waves (even if we can’t surf!) and look after ourselves and others when things get tough.

The week was also designed to promote some of the ways we can be kinder to ourselves and look after our mind and our body, promoting the idea that talking about our mental wellbeing is just as important, and just as acceptable, as talking about our physical health.

There were inspirational and eye opening events going on all week with some highlights including, yoga and meditation sessions; a whole school assembly in which Olympic Gold medal winning rower, Matt Langridge, spoke about managing the stress of training and competing at the highest level; a fun House obstacle course; and many other opportunities for members of our community to come together, be inspired, and talk about mental health.