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A Splendid Shakespearean Production

Splendid Productions once again visited The Grange School and performed ‘splendid’ their modern adaptation of Macbeth. With only three members of the cast featuring Genevieve Say, Scott Smith and Mark Beirne they narrated the story and involved the students from both The Grange and our visitors from St Nicholas Catholic High School with interactive performances that produced a show with energy, vigour and style!

The performance was followed by a workshop for the A level students which focused on understanding the physicality and focus demanded of the actors who had to switch convincingly between all the roles that they were playing.
Students from both schools worked together to take part in a

variety of exercises focusing on their stage presence and vocal skills to portray the depth of the characters like MacDuff and Lady Macbeth. As well as being very valuable for the A level course, it was extremely amusing and rounded off a fabulous, nay splendid, afternoon.