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All Our Yesterdays

There was a great atmosphere at the Junior School during our first ever ‘All our Yesterday’s’ event in which the pupil’s elderly relatives were invited to come into school to share memories of their own school days whilst also experiencing what makes a Grange education special in 2016.

Forming part of the Prep 6 Junior School Curriculum Award (English strand) focusing this term on the past, the children set out to write to Waitrose asking for donations toward the refreshments to be offered throughout the morning. They were awarded a £30 voucher and subsequently went shopping to select a variety of tempting cakes and biscuits.

Grandparents and elderly relatives were invited for refreshments, accompanied by the music from the Junior School Orchestra followed by interviews from the pupils to glean a more in-depth view of their elderly relative’s experiences of school, which forms part of this terms focus on the ‘past’.

Pupils then provided their relatives with the opportunity to tour the school and see their new classrooms.