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Apartheid Campaigner Visits Grange

Apartheid campaigner and published author, David Evans, offered a glimpse into his fascinating life and his reasons for joining the African Resistance Movement when he spoke to Sixth Form politics students at The Grange.

Providing us with snapshots of his former life, he put into perspective just how recently such profound racism occurred. He spoke of his bravery, revolting against the state using words instead of violence and how his actions in the Sharpeville protests landed him in jail for 5 years. He spoke of the privileges he received even in prison because of his skin colour and how experiences as a child lead him to rebel against the racism that had been instilled in him from an early age.

Having moved to England after gaining a place at Oxford University, he carried on with his protests against racism in English cities. It was extremely insightful listening to David. His bravery in the face of something that looked so permanent contributed to a change for the good when, in 1994, Nelson Mandela won the popular vote. David was accompanied on his visit by old Roburian Alastair Harper.

Spence Lewis-Ward L6th