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A Creative Response

House Art saw the application of no small amount of artistic talent allied with teamwork across the age groups to produce some fabulous final pieces. The theme for this year’s competition was our very own Mrs Leonard!

Each House interviewed our new Head of School and then used the information they had gleaned to inform the creation of two or three canvases. Sixth Form members of the teams showed great leadership in directing proceedings whilst younger members played a full role in the process, from ideas generation to the end product.

After much deliberation the judges declared Bollin House the winners with Dane coming a close second, and Gowy and Weaver coming 3rd and 4th respectively. The judges were very impressed with all the entries but felt that time pressure had effected some more than others.

In her feedback, Mrs Leonard said of the winning entry, “I feel Bollin got a good sense of who I am during our interview and this was reflected back on the canvases at the end. The messaging of aspiration resonates strongly with me and symbolises the theme of our conversation.”