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Dragon Eggs found in Grounds of Junior School

There was great excitement among children at The Grange School as dragon eggs were found in the grounds of the Junior School in the vicinity of World Book Day 2017.

The unexpected discovery of the large white eggs, believed to belong to the mythical fire-breathing reptile, provided a marvelous catalyst for imaginations to run wild and a plethora of fantastical stories to be created in celebration of the big day.

Elsewhere, across the Junior and Senior sections of the school, there was a book-related-buzz as students and staff spent the week “doing something booky” in celebration of the 20th World Book Day. In the Junior School library a book fair generated huge excitement and interest with books flying off the shelves, and into the hands of avid readers, all week long. Pupils exchanged their favourite books and provided some beautiful artwork to decorate the library, whilst in Kindergarten, parents were invited to come and read their favourite books to the children.

Meanwhile, in the Senior School, there was a great atmosphere, centred on the library, as students enjoyed matching teachers with literary characters, completing book quizzes, searching in books for surreptitiously hidden Golden Tickets, recording short videos about their favourite books (see the school’s twitter feed!), and taking part in a “speed dating” activity in which students attempted to entice others to “spend more time” with their favourite books.