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‘Land Ahoy’ for the GSPA Pirate Ship

Back in October 2015, The Junior School Prep 6 School Council Representatives inspired us with the idea of additional apparatus for the prep 1 and 2 playground for the children to play on and so the idea of the Pirate ship began!

The School Council developed the idea over a number of meetings, met with Mr Grant, our Estates Manager, to discuss various options and fine-tuned their ideas. Then upon approaching The Grange School Parents’ Association (GSPA) to help fund the project and they were delighted when they agreed. The ideas for the various elements, such as the cannons, the acorn instead of a figurehead, the ‘walk the plank’ all came from the children and it was a designer from “Flights of Fantasy Ltd” who pulled it all together. In October 2016, the installation of the final design began and ever since, all the children at the school have been able benefit from this wonderful playground apparatus.

We decided to wait until this spring to officially ‘launch’ the ship with members of the GSPA and allow the school to publicly thank them for their support as well as to recognise the work of the School Council.