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Head’s Award: from Mythology to Neurology

The Head’s Award Presentation Evening, which took place in The Grange Theatre in May, proved to be a very interesting, thought-provoking and stimulating evening.

Ten students from Years II and III in the Senior School presented on topics as varied as designing a tsunami shelter; how music affects the way we learn; the geology and mythology of the Giant’s Causeway; and pros and cons of re-introducing wolves to Scotland.

With the help and guidance of a staff and sixth form mentor, the pupils were encouraged to use their own research to produce either a written project, physical artifact, or piece of creative work. The pupils present the resulting work to an audience of staff, family and friends, who are then invited to ask questions about their findings and the process itself.

“This year’s Head’s Award Presentations were particularly memorable both for the sheer variety of projects, and the high quality of research, creativity and presentation skills on display throughout the evening. Congratulations to all the participants!” said project lead, Mr Ben Madden.