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Grange Mock Election

On Thursday 18th May, The Grange School carried out its own mock snap election.

Having had to respond even faster than Theresa May to ensure that the school community got a chance to discuss the issues of the day, we needed to move fast before most year groups moved to study leave and examinations.

On this occasion, unable to mobilise a full election campaign, the school community was treated to an informative session delivered via form tutors during a mentor period. This saw all year groups engage in lively discussion to learn what a ‘snap election is, how we can have one when we moved to fix-termed parliaments in 2011 and what some of the key party political issues of the day might be.

Younger students were able to discuss key issues and learn about the basics of our political system, whilst some sixth formers got even more involved and formed their own political parties to launch their own manifestos and campaigns in order to win the support of peers.

All students and staff were invited to cast their votes with the Conservatives winning a handsome majority overall.

Many thanks to all students and colleagues for getting involved and yet again we proved that the process of democracy is alive and well and there is no participation crisis here!

Mrs Lorna Ahern