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Salt of the Earth

Prep 1 children went on a fascinating trip to the Lion Salt Works, a restored historic open-pan salt making site, where they learned all about open-pan salt making and much of the associated local history.

The children were shown around the site by Harry the Red Lion Inn Keeper, who described the horrific conditions that workers endured in the past and demonstrated how salt was produced.

On how salt was made, Arjun Nandakumar of Prep IO said: “First, brine came out of the ground and then the men put the brine into huge, boiling pans. Next they put a fire underneath the pan to heat it. After that, steam came out. Then the water evaporated. Finally all that was left was the salt.”

Salt-making in Cheshire dates back over 2000 years, when the salt towns of Cheshire were first established by the Romans. This restored Lion Salt Works opened in June 2015 offering a fascinating journey through the life of the country’s last open-pan salt making site.