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The Sum of their Endeavours

The Junior Maths Team of Callum Chalmers, Justin Chan, Madeline Pratt and Hannah Wilkinson travelled to London for the National final of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust’s team challenge.

Having won the regional heat they are already in the top 88 schools in the country and ended up finishing 56th on the day; an excellent achievement against some very strong opposition. Here’s an example of the sort of fiendishly difficult problems they had to solve: “One of the angles in a pentagon is 100o. The other four angles are in the ratio of the first four triangular numbers. Work out the size of the largest angle.”

Despite having a lot of fun solving the problems, the team agreed that the highlight of the day was dinner at Pizza Express afterwards (and yes, they did try to calculate a mathematical way of cutting up their pizzas…)

Mr Lambert